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Health Checks:

Pets will get routine health checks when they come to the clinic for their booster vaccinations. These checks will not include blood tests, but if any possible problems are identified, tests to assess them will be suggested.

All pets having operations will have routine screening blood tests performed and if any problems are identified, the owners will be informed.

Geriatric Profiles:

Older patients, and for the present I would consider 10 years of age to be the starting point, may have any of a number of degenerative problems, most of which will get worse due to the body's attempts to mend the unmendable. Treatment can reduce the effects these problems have on an animal's day-to-day life, and can slow down the processes wearing the organs out to the point of failure. The sooner these problems are found and controlled, the longer the animal's quality of life can be maintained. To help detect problems a Geriatric Profile can be carried out. This includes:

General examination.
Urine tests for kidney function and bladder and prostate disease.
Blood tests for kidney, liver, pancreas, immune system, electrolyte and hormone system abnormalities.
Blood pressure check.

This package of tests will give a broad picture of the pet's health and suggest any treatment that might be of benefit. If any further tests are indicated they will be carried out at a discounted rate (e.g. X-rays, scan, ECG).

If you would like your pet checked, please contact the clinic to arrange an appointment.

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