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Various things...

The site is getting clogged with a variety of things which don't fit into the homepage headings. This page will cover some of them and will link to others.

Behaviour problems

There is an international organisation which has branches all over the UK. Their therapists can help with most behavioural problems in dogs. Click their logo for info.

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Fears and phobias

Anxiety is quite a common problem in both dogs and cats. It is a self-perpetuating problem, but can usually be relieved with drug treatment. Once the pet is less anxious, steps can be taken to try to alter the pet's reaction to any stressful stimuli causing the problem, and most can, over a period of months, settle to the point where they no longer need drug support.

Anxiety is a cause of poor quality life if it develops unchecked. In the unfortunate pets where the cause cannot be removed, it seems better to have them live relaxed and happy, actiev lives with the help of drugs rather than miserable lives without.

For other new methods to help with noise phobias, see The Sounds Scary website.

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