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This page will try to let you know about any improvements we have made at the clinic in the past few months.

One of our clients, Mrs Christina Knowlson, was Whiskas Siamese Breeder of the Year 2001. One of her most successful cats is Drestothril Demelza shown here: (photo by Marc Henrie)

Small Furries

On January 9th Ron went to an all day meeting about veterinary care of small furries. This was very informative, and certain aspects of it are already being put into practice.

March and April are busy months for the nurses. They will have been to 2 conferences and should be armed with the latest information.

Knaresborough Pet Day was slightly chilled by the weather. There are pictures at the Pet Day page.

May 2002: After attending a meeting about geriatrics, I have added a do-it-yourself 'Old Pet Health Check' to the site. It is at this link. Give it a try and let me know what you think. It will probably need some fine-tuning.

MAY 2002 Now there is a QUIZ page. This will be added to and altered periodically. I hope you find it entertaining.

July-August 2002 Ron has been setting up and writing a website for the Harrogate and District branch of Cats Protection. It has details of their activities and facilities, lost and found, gallery of cats they have helped (a selection only, of course...they help hundreds each year) together with a page inviting people to help in any way they can. It is at

November 2002

A new blood test for suspected allergies means that we can more quickly check dogs (not cats I am afraid) to see if they are allergic to airborne material (pollen, dust-mites etc). This saves having to start with several weeks diet restriction when we are trying to decide if a dog has an allergy, and to what.

January 2003

We have volunteered to take part in a nationwide survey of veterinary anaesthesia. This does not involve any experimental work, just recording all general anaesthetics given and any problems associated with them. The last survey was 12 years ago and it will be interesting to see how much the progress over that period will have reduced problems.

March 2003

Ron went on two courses, one on stifle joint disease and one on ear disease. He also joined in 2 on-line seminars provided by a US veterinary network.

April 2003

Ron attended a meeting of the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society in Birmingham

We've just heard about Dog Share Scheme

September 2003

We will be taking part in the PDSA PetCheck Week, More than 600 small animal veterinary practices nationwide have joined with PDSA PetAid hospitals to offer free health checks to pets during the first ever PDSA National PetCheck Week, 22-28 September 2003.

March 2004 New Blood Counting Equipment

We have had a blood cell counter installed. See facilities page for details.

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November 2004 Cancer treatment facilities

We have bought Electrochemotherapy equipment and have set up a co-operative arrangement with Leeds University for Photodynamic Therapy. For more details, see the PetCancerVet website


A new oncology group, VORC, has been started. Ron made a brief presentation at its May meeting.

Nurse Kate Webber ran in the 2005 London Marathon.

Ron attended the Congress of the European College of Veterinary Internal Medicine at Glasgow in September. This multidisciplinary event covered the latest developments in veterinary care of pets.


Ron attended a meeting of the European Society of Veterinary Oncology in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He presented a paper of Electrochemotherapy in dogs and cats. It was useful to meet Dr Natasa Tozon of the University of Ljubljana who has also been using ECT.

In June Ron attended the meeting of the British Veterinary Oncology Study Group at which he was elected Honorary Secretary.

In August, Kate left for maternity leave. Emma has returned part-time to cover her absence. Her baby is due on 1st October.

Ron has submitted a paper to the Journal of Small Animal Practice on Electrochemotherapy

Electrochemotherapy conference, Paris, November 18th Ron helped to arrange and attended a meeting of vets, tumour biologists and engineers at the Institut Gustave-Roussy in Paris to discuss progress in electrochemotherapy. This treatment method is starting to be used in more human oncology centres since Standard Operating Procedures have been agreed. The delegates agreed that we should establish Standard Operating Procedures for veterinary use of ECT.

Siamese breeder Christina Knowlson has won Supreme Kitten trophy for the second time. DRESTOTHRIL DANCELOT SUPREME KITTEN 2006 is shown here in a photograph from Siamese Planet.

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In 2008 we had major alterations carried out, increasing the floor area by 50% and modernising throughout.

In late 2011 we had solar panels installed to try to keep energy costs down.

In December 2012 we got a digital Xray developing system. See facilities page.


On 1st April 2016 Ashleigh Vet Clinic was merged with Minster Vets of York. We would like to reassure all our valued clients that there will be no change to the excellent level of service and pet care they receive from Ashleigh Vet Clinic. We remain committed to providing the best possible service for your pets, and ensuring that the practice maintains its friendly, family atmosphere. Ron Lowe will continue to be the lead vet at the practice, but will be able to have greater assistance from a larger team of other experienced, knowledgeable vets. Emergency on-call provision will continue to be provided by Forest House Vets in Knaresborough, and clinic times will remain the same.