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Vet: Ron Lowe

Ron qualified in 1970 and has spent most of the last 30 years in small animal practice. He came to Knaresborough in 1987. In 1989 he started Knaresborough Pet Day, which is an annual charity pet show held in the town in May.

Over the years he has become especially interested in veterinary oncology (the treatment of tumours) and cardiology (the treatment of heart disease). Since 2004 he has developed an oncology referral service: PetCancerVet. Patients come from all over the North of England, and occasionally from further afield, for treatment. PetCancerVet is the only centre in the UK (in 2012) to offer veterinary electrochemotherapy, a potent relatively new method for attacking tumours in difficult places.

In October 2000 Ron organised a meeting to found the British Veterinary Oncology Study Group. This group will meet twice a year to share expertise in the treatment of cancer in animals. Most of the specialists in the country have expressed an interest as well as about 20 vets from practices as far afield as Aberdeen and Somerset. In November 2000 Ron was awarded Honorary Life Membership of the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society. Having been a founder member and Secretary for several years in its early days, the Society presented him with this honour at its 25th Anniversary meeting. He is also a member of the European Society of Veterinary Oncologists and attends congresses in Europe twice a year.

As a general practitioner he treats most things himself and has built up a fairly complete set of diagnostic equipment (see facilities page). There are certain types of case which may be best served by referral to a consultant outside the practice.

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Staff: Gill, Kate, Sara and Fiona

Gill started in October 2003. Her background is in catering, but she is making a new career in animal care. She has a Flat Coat Retriever and a Labrador.

Kate began in June 2004. She is the proud owner of a St Bernard. She ran in the 2005 London Marathon. In July 2014 she went on maternity leave.

Sara started in June 2009.

Gill, Kate and Sara have undertaken nutritional training using the Hill's Petfoods scheme.

Fiona started as receptionist in September 2012.

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